Location: Morristown, VT
Date:  September 10, 2014
Client:  10 Railroad Street
Task:  Shoot Video, Edit, Produce Rendered 60 Video

You have the feeling of belonging

Located in Morristown, Vermont, this beautiful Restaurant and Bar is inside a renovated train station.

Keeping all the historic pieces of the train station intact, this left an amazing ambiance. The clientele was very friendly, and you had the feeling of belonging and didn't know it yet.

Just a short drive from our office, we would strongly consider this as a place to go of an evening to get out and have some good eats, a hearty laugh, and smiles around.

The staff was beyond amazing, and not an unhappy face was in sight. They had an amazing selection of beers on draft, and featured some out of this world food.


Visit 10 Railroad Street for more information.